What is subordinated debt and why is it issued?

For investors unwilling to compromise on interest rate risk or credit risk, we think that subordinated debt of strong issuers is an attractive alternative especially within the heavily regulated financial sector where we can find yields of 4% or more in EUR and 5% in USD for securities issued by highly-rated institutions. By moving down the capital structure, it is possible to capture an income akin to high yield without taking on higher default risks.

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Asset Classes for retirement portfolios

Retirement investing today is very different than it was 3 months ago. Traditional bonds and stocks simply aren’t enough anymore. We look at lesser-known asset classes that we use to generate 4-6% yield in today’s yield-less world. The idea of retirement in 2020 looks much different than it has in the past. Today more than ever, it’s extremely important that investors focus more on their investments than in any time in recent history.

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Investor Priorities

In a recent survey we asked professional investors their attitudes towards hedge funds and managed futures. Many advisors confirm there is an overwhelming choice in the multi asset space and given the general consensus that market volatility will remain through out 2019, allocators and advisers are looking to liquid alternative funds to diversify from broad multi strategy funds which are generally long risk.

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FundStream provides independent investment solutions to professional advisors to suit their clients portfolio preferences. Our investor network of professional investors include: pension funds, family offices, fund of funds and wealth managers in Europe, Asia and South Africa.


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