We have developed a series of Absolute return model portfolios called UNIQ, which has been customised to meet the demands of the international investor.

Our absolute return approach represents the rejection of index driven ‘relative’ performance, in pursuit of a higher quality return that delivers absolute performance across market cycles.

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Positive returns are targeted, there are always opportunities for smart investors to make money irrespective of market conditions. We seek to identify these opportunities and are flexible enough to exploit them to the advantage for our clients.

Investors in the UNIQ series benefit from day-to-day active asset management and exposure to all asset classes. This exposure provides greater diversification to investments that might not otherwise be available to investors on an individual basis ensuring a greater spread of investment risk.

Our Absolute Return Portfolios are constructed to meet a range of individual client needs according to their risk appetite and goals.

We have created three investment portfolios that cover a wide range of investment objectives and risk profiles. Each risk-rated portfolio has a set investment objective and holds a range of investments that are managed to take advantage of market opportunities, irrespective of their direction. Together with your dedicated Professional adviser, who will assess the suitability, you are encouraged to choose the portfolio that best suits your goals, investment objectives and attitude to risk.

Inflation Plus
Balanced Profile

The primary objective is to provide a higher level of income greater than bank deposit and inflation (3-5%). The portfolio will consist in a range of relatively defensive investments with a low correlation to broad equity markets. The portfolio will demonstrate consistent returns with low drawdown profile.

Income & Growth

The objective of this portfolio is to provide a combination of income and capital growth. The portfolio provides exposure to capital markets through a diversified range of international investments and aims to achieve above inflation + 5% investment returns over the longer term. The portfolio should demonstrate a maximum drawdown profile of no greater than 7% in any period with a maximum volatility of 7%.

Growth / Aggressive

The objective of this portfolio is to provide a combination of income and capital growth by implementing a “core and satellite” allocation model. The portfolio will consist of a combination of traditional and alternative assets in an effort to reduce broad equity market type volatility, alleviate necessity of any specific market bias and market timing.

How we’ll work with you and your clients

We recognise and understand the growing complexity of the challenges facing investors in an increasingly dynamic, global and regulated environment and we on investment management and working with you to provide the best outcome for your client.

We are happy to share our insight, investment rationale and complete transparency into every aspect our investment process.

UNIQ is a discretionary investment management service that is exclusively available through wealth Management or financial intermediaries.

UNIQ provides a choice of three actively managed risk rated, diversified portfolios.

UNIQ offers investors access to a dynamic approach to asset allocation, providing us with the flexibility to adjust portfolio weightings whilst at all times maintaining investment discipline. our bespoke approach to portfolio management ensures investment decisions remain tailored to your long term objectives.

FundStream provides independent investment solutions to professional advisors to suit their clients portfolio preferences. Our investor network of professional investors include: pension funds, family offices, fund of funds and wealth managers in Europe, Asia and South Africa.


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